Farrar's Island Page

This page is dedicated to the facilities at Farrar’s Island (The Citie of Henricus ) and the occasional Rendezvous held at that location.

The fist link is a large file, reduced as much as possible. It will take some time to load and you will have to scroll around to see it all.

The second link is an aerial photo of Farrar's Island.

The third link is a copy from the Henricus Foundation's publication "Timley Tattler" for June of 1999 (Volume VII, No.1). The photograph and article is about our Farrar Family Rendezvous in September 1998 at the park.

The forth link is an insert from our newsletter with a photo of the Historic Highway Marker and the text of the marker.

The fifth link is to the Rendezvous I page containing the description of the events and the original program.

Historic map of Richmond, Virginia, James River and Farrar's Island

        This map Courtesy of Henricus Historical Park, Chesterfield County, Virginia.
        You can obtain your own copy with a $10 donation to the Henricus Foundation.
        Contact Pauline Mitchell at JTHill61@aol.com

Information regarding Rendezvous II held in September, 2001
(this event was held only days after 9/11/01 and many (including me) were unable to attend due to travel problems)

Links to Farrar's Island (Citie of Henricus Historical Park)