Farrar Family Crest

There are only three colors: Black; Silver; Gold. 
Everything is black and silver, (as shown in black and white). Only the wings are gold.

The heraldic description of the Arms is as follows:

“Argent, on a bend engrailed sable, three horse-shoes of the field;
and the crest, on a wreath of the colors, a horse-shoe argent, between two wings or.”

Explanation of the above:

The field of the shield is argent (silver).  The field is crossed (looking at it) from the upper left to the lower right by a bend engrailed sable (a broad black band with wavy edges).  Three horseshoes of the field.  (The three horseshoes are in the bend, or black band).  And for the crest (crests were borne upon the helmets to distinguish military leaders and knights when engaged in battle) on a wreath of the colors.  (A wreath was composed of two rolls of silk or leather, of different colors, twisted together.  The wreath encircled the helmet and supported the crest.  The two colors of the wreath, in our case, are silver and black).  A horseshoe argent (silver), between two wings or (between two wings of gold).

Picture of Arms: The Farrar’s Island Family and it’s English Ancestory, page 66

Description is on page 50