The Old Flat Creek Cemetery

For those Farrars who trace their roots through the generations that resided in Flat Creek, Tennessee, we have ancestors buried in that area.

The Farrar Family Inc., line is as follows:  Farrar’s Island immigrant William, then: William II, William III, George, William, Abel, Jordan, Joseph H., Lewis and Joseph V. Farrar, Sr.

Jordan Farrar and his wife, Priscilla (Riggins), had at least six children of which Joseph H. Farrar was one.  Joseph and his wife, Permelia , had at least 13 children of which Lewis Tillman Farrar was one.  Lewis was born at Flat Creek.

Jordan is buried at Flat Creek but his grave site at this time is unknown.  His son Joseph is buried in the old Flat Creek Cemetery along Hill Top Road along with Joseph’s wife, and his wife’s mother Elizabeth H. Farrar.

The graves in the Old Flat Creek Cemetery were documented in a book published some years ago.  The cemetery is listed as number 25 and it's residents are listed on page 276, 277 and 278.  Click on this link to see those pages.  

Currently, the cemetery is not maintained.  

Click on this link to see a location map.  Be sure to contact the owners of the property that you must  go through if you want to visit the cemetery.  Click on this link to see more exact directions  to find the area of the cemetery that contains the graves of those mentioned above.  

Some photos  are contained here:  Joseph H. Farrar and his wife Permelia M. Farrar.  Additional photos of these two headstones may help you locate them but will also show the lack of care of this cemetery.  Permelia Farrar's mother is Elizabeth R. (Harris) Farrar and is buried near her daughter.

We are trying to locate someone or some organization in Bedford County that can at least clear the area around the graves of the Farrars and maintain that area.  The  cemetery is large and contains many graves and it would take a larger program to clean it up into a respectable condition.

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