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1 Tue Sep 30 1997 17:00 Me
Just a Text
2 Tue Sep 30 1997 17:04 me again
test two
3 Fri Oct 3 1997 19:33 r
test two
4 Sat Oct 4 1997 15:33 Ron Farrar
Great Start

5 Tue Oct 21 1997 11:42 David Farrar & Cindy Hann
Just stoped by to take a look at "the home page". We hope everything is well with you. Cindy and I want to volunter to help with anything we can in connection with this internet page or related computer projects. We hope to have our own page up and running very shortly. Our best to everyone,
David and Cindy
6 Wed Oct 22 1997 10:11 Mrs. Patricia Scott Garmon
Looking forward to seeing the current information on the
trip to Henricus in September. We plan on
Did your Dad see the ultralight on TV leading the
cranes from Id to southern nesting refuge?
Hope you broaden your page to include descendants of
William and Cecily JORDAN. :)
7 Thu Oct 23 1997 08:50 Carlton (Narin) Wright
I am submitting this on behalf of my friend indentified below until she become web enabled. This is a wonderful idea !

8 Sun Oct 26 1997 04:53 Sue Harris
Am delighted to hear of the progress being made on the park at Farrar's Island!
9 Sun Oct 26 1997 16:37 John W. Farrar

10 Sun Oct 26 1997 16:53 John W. Farrar
Real pleased that you are on the net. I never recieved your last newsletter. Igot the address from my sister. there isn't a need to send out the letter . Ilike this way Better. I am still working on family history. Best wishes JOhn . 405 stonehenge Arlington texas 76014
11 Thu Oct 30 1997 20:11 Virginia Tschanz
Thanks so much for this Farrar link. I have an article almost ready for publication on some of the Texas Farrars descended from James Farrar and Jane Bowdon Farrar. I'll post it if you're interested. They were a very political family w several members in the Texas Legislature.
12 Mon Mar 2 1998 16:28 john w. farrarR

13 Mon Mar 2 1998 17:15 john w. farrar

We found a James J. Farrar bn.1790 in lamar co. texas. he was in the 1850 ,60 ,70, census.
WE believe him to be the brother of John H. FArrar. my g.g. grandfather. HE was county
treasurer from 1862 to 1868. The co. court
declared him a pauper in 1873 at about the age of 83. does anyone know where he is
. In the 1850 census he is 62 and lucy
is 50. in 1860 he is living with the co. clerk of
Lamar co, Texas. and working in the co. clerks office. he listed his occupation as a scrivener
a llegal writter. thanks alot for your page.
Piease write if you have any Info. on this family.
I first thought he was the same james j. bn1790
buried in shelby co, and the father of simon
bowdon farrar who helped pick out the sight of
Ft. Worth. texas

thanks again John W Farrar.
14 Tue Apr 7 1998 16:13 Charlotte Rowden
Just got my email address.
I have been recieving snail mail from you for a long time.
Will keep in touch.
15 Mon Apr 13 1998 07:34 D.L. Staley
Not bad... Not bad at all.
Probably one of the most interesting "family type"
pages I've seen. Your Dad would probably appreciate
it if you'd correct the arrangement of the letters
in his name (Josehp) on the "Farrar Island" link.
(Or is that the way he spells it?) :^)

Well, that was ANOTHER interesting desert trip.
It may take me a while to recover from its ravages

Thanks for providing access to your page.
Good job.
16 Tue Apr 14 1998 16:57

17 Sun Apr 19 1998 13:47 Tom Farrar
I am very proud of my heritage
18 Mon Apr 20 1998 17:45 Edwin L. Farrar
Eldest son of Thomas E. Farrar, Jr., son of Thomas E. Farrar, Sr. of Lepanto, Arkansas. Present address: 2528 Middle Bellville Rd.
Mansfield, Ohio 44904

Just found out about your newspage today. Hope to learn more about the family. Plan on attending big event this Sept. in Virginia.
19 Wed Apr 22 1998 15:25 Amy B Flowers
am delighted to find this site. I descend from Thomas Farrar, b 1 March 1793, son of Stephen Farrar/Catherine Lansford. Thomas was married to Judith Webb in Jasper Co, GA and they were the parents of ten children. Eager to correspond with others descending from this branch of the family.
20 Sun May 3 1998 19:35

21 Sun May 17 1998 16:41 Darren Rogers
Thanks for taking the bull by the horns on the website. It's looking good.
22 Thu Jun 18 1998 17:51 Linda Lou Farrar-Lovellette
I am Lavin F. Farrar's daughter. I would like to add a link to you from my genealogy page if that is okay. My URL is:
23 Sun Jul 19 1998 21:01

24 Tue Oct 20 1998 16:18 Darren Rogers
Hey Randy! Just surfin' and thought I'd check out the Farrar Site.
25 Tue Oct 20 1998 16:18 Darren Rogers
Hey Randy! Just surfin' and thought I'd check out the Farrar Site.
26 Fri Oct 23 1998 07:54 Sandra (Sandi) Schwend
I am the granddaughter of Mary (tillie) Schwend. I was reading your October 1998 newsletter that was sent to her and find the information very interesting. I did see the article about Joseph Farrar and Barbara Williams visit to my grandmother this summer. Just a note to correct a bit of the info. My grandfather was Arnold Schwend (not Nelson, who was my grandfather's brother). Also, grandma is currently 97 years old and will be 98 on November 22nd. I haven't had time yet to read the entire newsletter or check all of the web pages, I find the info very interesting. I am planning to read this info to grandma when I spend Thanksgiving Day with her.
27 Mon Oct 26 1998 15:51

28 Mon Oct 26 1998 17:04 Thomas A. Farrar Jr.

29 Wed Oct 28 1998 14:50 Virginia Tschanz
Thank you so much for putting the web page together. I appreciate your efforts. I am a descendant of Abel Farrar's brother, John Farrar. I have some information to share with you at your e-mail address.
30 Fri Nov 20 1998 23:11 Andrew H. Martin
Interesting story about Quanah Parker. I worked with a man who claimed kinship to Cynthia, grand-son maybe? Name was James Crow, buried at Pawhuska, Okla. I also visited the jail cells of Fort Sill in 1949. The stone floor of Geranimo's cell was worn down an inch or more from his pacing.
31 Tue Dec 29 1998 22:59 Elaine Farrar
My husband'grandfather was named Theodric Franklin Farrar. His father was Marion Farrar. I have not been able to go back any farther than that. They were all from Tennessee. I am intrigued with James Franklin Farrar's name. Do you know of anyone the family that would have any more information on him?
Thanks for having this site.

32 Sun Jan 10 1999 13:35 Doug Williams
Great site Randy, just able to look at for first time. Mom is here with me to check it out. I have some pictures from Henricus in digital form on my system if you would be interested in posting them on the Farrar page. Sounds simple but I have no idea how to send pictures or E-Mail for that matter. It could be a good learning experience. Have a great NEW YEAR.
33 Sun Jan 24 1999 18:59 William Bernard Farrar IV

34 Wed Feb 3 1999 07:04 Bill Brimer
My mother is a Farrar from Steelville, MO.
35 Thu Feb 4 1999 08:07 Dennis L. Staley
Just checking out your site. I'm just starting
to get my act together to build my own website, so
I thought I'd check out a few to get some ideas.
Yours is looking just fine. Your basic, no-frills,
Farrar-type page. Looks good/functional.
36 Sun Feb 7 1999 15:21 Bill Brimer
From a Farrar line in Steelville, MO
37 Wed Feb 10 1999 08:48 Christopher John Farrar
Just a note to say hello to our American Namesakes.There Are a few of us here in New Brunswick.
38 Fri Feb 12 1999 17:11

39 Thu Feb 18 1999 13:32

40 Sat Feb 27 1999 13:56 Margaret Farrar-Paquette
I am casually reseaching my roots. Any connections to the Farrar family in Rhode Island?
James Farrar Sr. d.1870 wife Anne-children Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Richard, James b.7/18/1843 d. 9/5/1924 wife Ruth Robinson
41 Sat Mar 6 1999 16:02 D. F. Marshall
I'm not a Farrar but my wife is. Her name is maxine and she is from Calhoun County WV. I find your sight very interesting but have not been able to connect with it yet.
42 Thu Mar 18 1999 12:28 Frank marshall DMars42683
have been here before, still looking fro Samuel Farrar who was my wifes grand father
43 Thu Apr 1 1999 16:12 Martha Trueblood
Know anything on Caroline Belle Farrar born 1856, England. I would like information on ordering your book.
44 Fri Apr 9 1999 06:19 Gary Farrar
Hi Randy, I am interested in purchasing Vols. I and II of the Farrar's Island Family book. Can you tell me how to do that??
45 Wed Apr 28 1999 21:09 Christine C. Moore
This is my first visit to your web site and I have already added it to my favorites list. My mother is a Bradfield. It is my GGGG-Grandfather, Lewis Bradfield, who married Mary Cornelia Farrar. I have much refernce on the Farrar's via, "The Bradfield Family" booklet, dated December 1956. I cannot wait to tell my mother and her sisters about your site.
Thank you for taking the time to do this!
46 Thu Apr 29 1999 23:44 Suzanne Farrar Keltner
Don't know if we are related. Born in Shreveport,
la. Dad-Charles Richard Farrar son of Dewey and virginia Farrar. Dewey had many brothers and a couple of sisters. 9-12 I think. I'll have to research more. Please write back.
47 Sun May 9 1999 13:20 Teresa Sims
Hi! I'm a Farrar descendent and would like to order a copy of "Some Farrar's Island Descendents". Please notify and I will be happy to pre-pay. Thanks.
48 Wed May 12 1999 16:22 Joan Farrer Hookie
My Farrer family came to Utah from London, 1868.
John Thomas Farrer, his father John Thomas Farrer plus brothers and sisters.
49 Sun May 16 1999 19:01 Renee Ellestad
loved the ggg Grandfather Thomas Jefferson Farrar's son Henry Farrar changed the Family name to Farrow.....However,I am a direct Dec. of William Farrar of Farrar's Island....I was wondering if anyone knows why some of the Farrar's changed the name to Farrow
50 Thu May 20 1999 20:44 John Wesley Farrar
Great website. I didn't find the link to my limb of the tree though. if anyone could help out on FARRAR in Mississippi it would be helpful. Thanks.
51 Fri May 21 1999 13:42 Lois M. Farrar
I was tring to read and to see if there was any
relationship between us...

My Father name is Glenn Thomas Farrar.

It's a very nice Website...

52 Sun May 30 1999 10:42

53 Sun May 30 1999 10:42

54 Sun May 30 1999 10:53 Page Thomson Steele (Mrs. Joe R. Steele, Jr.)
Descended from Sir Nicholas Farrar of London thru his son John Farrar, his son, Capt.John,II, his son John III of "Haywood", Chatham Co., N.C., who married Sally Ragland Minter and had Rebecca who married Jonathan Haralson and had Emmeline who married John Augustus Williams and had Charles Judson Williams, II who married Louisa Eliza "Lou" Murphy and had Sarah Apphia "Phi" Williams who married William Sillers Thomson and had William Sillers Thomson, Jr. who married Mary Eleanor Orr and had Page Orr Thomson. Will welcome correspondence from Farrar cousins.
55 Sun May 30 1999 10:57

56 Sun Jun 6 1999 12:32 Charlene Kimbrell
This is a wonderful site!! Thanks so much.
57 Sat Jun 26 1999 22:02 c denton
just starting to explore my Grandmother's family theFarrar's. I am finding that our family came down from Jacob Farrar of Lancaster, England. Does this have a connection to William Farrar of Virginia? Interested in hearing if the book you have published has any connections to our side of the family. Interested in hearing from you-Cdenton
58 Thu Jul 1 1999 11:46 Debi Burgess
I am interested in the both books. I will gladly prepay the second
when it is needed. NOw, how do you want the money for the first--
check or credit card? Let me know where to send
check or where to call in cc info.
Thanks for handling all this.
59 Sun Jul 4 1999 06:31 Robert A. Farrar

60 Sun Jul 4 1999 06:33 Robert A. Farrar
Am looking for information on a privately published book titled "Some American Farrars" authored by Calvin Lyle Farrar. Probably published around 1950.
61 Tue Aug 10 1999 00:21 vicki miller
I am a Farrar dec from Thomas & Katherine(Perrin)Farrar,
dau Katherine &John Barnett and so on and so on,anyway you get the picture
I was just browsing around and found your site
Keep up the good work
62 Mon Aug 16 1999 13:47 CHARLIE A. FARRAR, JR XUSCG@TEXAS.NET
Hello Randy!
My Farrar ROOTS are from PERRY Co, Mo.
My GG Grandfather's name was Thomas Farrar
and his wife's name was Laura "Bull"Farrar
she was indian, and he was a frenchmen and
also may have been mulatto.
I know that he lived in a place called
concord MO.which is in or close to perry co
concord could have also been a place or area were people lived within a town.
I am not sure if thomas was born in perry co. or not some say he came from the
Carolina area .I do belive that he was
married in perry co,Mo. and then lived in the Oakridge,Jackson area of Mo.
Thomas Farrar had two brothers that I know of, there names were NOEL and Ivan Farrar I'm at this time trying to gather more info about them.
the time frame for the above had to be
between 1860 -1930.
Thomas and Laura'Bull'Farrar had (2)daugters Virgie"Farrar"Swan,and Blanch
Farrar,and (4)sons Herschel,Bob,Dewy and Noah
Farrar they were born in Perry co,Mo.between 1875-1905 I know for a fact
that they also lived in the Oakridge,jackson,Appleton area of perry co. mo.I do not know at this time much about
Blanch,Bob,Noah,Farrar Virgie"Farrar"Swan
Married a Charlie Swan in Perry co, and
had two sons Shirley and Furel Swan.
Herschel Farrar Married a Estella Irby Farrar in Perry co. they had (1) daugther
her name was Ozzel and (4)sons there
names were Elmer,Melvin,Norman,and Julius
all of Perry co.they were born on a farm in
Oakridge Mo.
Randy I am in a search to find out which Farrar line i'm from and to know that,
I need to know who was my GGGrandfather
Thomas Farrar's PARENTS were?
or if he was in SLAVED at that time ,
who bought him and owned him? and which
plantation he was at? it is stated that brothers John,Joseph and Anthena Farrar
were slave Owners in the 1850 slave schedule.Randy I need your help to find my
Farrar line and Heritage.
THanks you! as this info is so important
to me Email me if you need more info
I am seeking more info from other Farrar's
in my family!


64 Tue Aug 17 1999 02:56

65 Thu Aug 19 1999 00:52

66 Thu Aug 26 1999 11:29 CHARLIE A. FARRAR XUSCG@TEXAS.NET
67 Mon Nov 1 1999 17:26 R. Farrar
Testing, making sure guest book link is working.
68 Sun Nov 28 1999 18:07 Julius A. Farrar
Just through, harlene gave this info to me. I am from the state of Oregon, but was borned in Missouri.
69 Sun Dec 5 1999 10:52 Clinton B. Soper, Jr.
Glad to have found you !!
70 Tue Dec 14 1999 05:22 Dennis Farrar
I have been looking for information on the Farrar Family in England and the US. I don't know how I ever missed your webpages in the past.....
71 Mon Dec 20 1999 18:03 Julia Holmes Beasley
William and Cecily had Col. William FarrarII fa. of Maj.William Farrar, III fa. of William Farrar, IV fa. of Perrin Farrar Sr. fa. of Stephen Farrar f. of Sarah Sally Farrar mo. of Stephen James Flanagan fa of Rhoda Elizabeth Flanagan mo. of John Hoffman Cox fa. of Lela Virginia Cox mo. of me Julia Holmes Beasley. This is a wonderful thing you are doing and I would love to be a part of it. I only wish I had known about it in time for the reunion at Farrars Island. I would have been there!! Thanks so much for all the work!
72 Sun Feb 6 2000 13:59 Annis J Farrar Hill
interested in 2000 reunion
73 Sun Feb 27 2000 12:32 Gayle Weiss
I descend from Absolom Farrar (m. Mildred in 1790) in old Richmond, GA. through his son, Thomas Jefferson Farrar who eventually moved to VA/NC border area. Any chance he may be connected to your Farrar's?
74 Tue Mar 14 2000 16:26 Annis Farrar Hill
can I add my family line; John & Susanna (Clifton)Farrar
, son James M& Elmary 'Mary' (Burns), George Franklin &
Minerva Ann (Traywick) Farrar, George B & Della Lucille
(Willaims/Slaton) Farrar, George Junior & Mozelle Marie
(McElroy) Farrar, Annis J Farrar & Bobby Lee Hill'
75 Wed Apr 12 2000 07:47 Gladys Christine Neal
I am the great great granddaughter of Samuel Puryear Farrar. Just found out about the books hope to recieve them soon.
76 Mon Apr 17 2000 21:13 Jackie Coppage
Beautiful web site, Randy! I arrived by clicking on the address in the e-mail you sent me and got here pronto. I have added the page to my "favorites" now so can visit anytime.
See you in June!
78 Tue May 2 2000 08:17 James B. Davis
Greetings to all Farrar cousins from Jim Davis of
Beverly Hills, CA. My FARRAR line is William > Thomas 1665 > John 1687 > John 1730 >
Jean 1750 + Abraham Moore 1744
79 Thu May 25 2000 10:47 Jackie (Duke) Coppage
Frank and I are looking forward to attending the reunion in our RV. Unfortunately, my sister, Helen Wiegel, who was planning on coming with her husband, Bill, is in a phase of her treatment for cancer that makes it impossible for her to come. Jackie
80 Mon May 29 2000 19:24

81 Tue Jun 13 2000 17:38 Debra Miller
My Farrar link is through Nancy Farrar who married William Anderson in Albemarle Co. Nov. 25, 1803. She was the dau. of Richard Farrar and Susanna Shelton. It took a while to find her linked to this Farrar family - but we found her name with a list of their children as Nancy Anderson - her son Thomas Jefferson Anderson sold land he inherited from Richard Farrar's estate in 1837. Nice to see a site devoted to the family. Thank you.
82 Thu Jun 15 2000 13:15 james joseph farrar
james joseph farrar son of frank james farrar son of william franklin farrar son of james orthur farrar son of joseph c. farrar son of john burton farrar, that is as far as i know at this time. i live in longtown, perry co. mo. do you know any of this line? John burton farrar is in york chapel and the others are in shiloh lutheran church cem. near the town of farrar mo. i thank-you for any help you can give me. jim
83 Sat Jun 17 2000 17:10 Francis Philip Farrar
Hello, I'm in search of some relatives on my fathers side of the family. He died when I was very young. I was brought up by my mother who had very little contact with my fathers relatives. Apparently he left home at an early age to join the merchant marines and the rest is history. His name was Forrest Ellis, I believe his father's name was also Forrest. Originally from Texas?, moved to Arizona, he was the youngest of 11. I've talked to some Farrar's from Kentucky and Mississippi, but can't trace a connection. I've found one relative (Idamerl who now resides around Palm springs somewhere. I'm looking to see if I can find any connections in California, specifically the Bay area. Any chance I'm related?
84 Mon Jun 26 2000 06:42 L. Patrick & Janie (Russell) Conyers
Janie (Russell) Conyers is the daughter of Wayne L. & Wanda Russell.
85 Sun Jul 30 2000 21:40 Gwendolyn Kaye Farrar Gooch
I am really looking forward to seeing this book. How can I order over the net?
86 Thu Sep 7 2000 19:58 Jane B. Thacker
Delighted to find this web page. I think we must
all be connected.
87 Sat Sep 30 2000 20:46 Christopher Farrar
Just a note to say hi from a Canadian member of the Farrar family.I'm from a small town called Tide Head in northern New Brunswick Canada.There are several Farrar's in this area.They are all from my parents or my Uncles Family.
88 Sun Oct 15 2000 12:00 Barbara Farrar Schade
My brother's name is also Randy Farrar. I am glad to see you are making these books available. I will be sending a check for the second one and may buy the first for my brothers for Christmas if they don't already have it.
89 Mon Nov 13 2000 08:23 Daniel Allen Farrar
Any information on the Farrar history would be greatly appreciated. I have information ending with one of my GGrandfathers?? Elbert King Farrar b.1879 who married an Alexander in Oct1901. Though her I have a GGGGrandfather?? who served in the US Mex war and the Civilwar. His name is Paton Alexander. He died in the Andersonville Prison in Sep 1864. My father is Elbert Allen Farrar; his father Joe Neal Farrar. I was born in Michigan 1966; my father Indiana 1946; my Grandfather?? Any info that might link the above mentioned names will help in my project. Thank you.
90 Wed Nov 15 2000 14:15 Shirley Ann Farrar
I am interested in researching my geneology.
I am surfing to find a starting point. I am at a loss where to start. There is a Professor Farrar at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario (professor of geneogoly) I guess I will start from there.
91 Sat Nov 18 2000 16:08 John w. farrar
I just seen book II which cost 60 dollars. I am surprised about the amount info. in it. please hold and prepare to send it to me. Iput my cheek in the mail today. Its an excllent service.
92 Tue Nov 21 2000 01:11 Shari Dawn Farrar
I was wondering if this is the same Farrar family as that of Milton Morris Farrar and Elizabeth Potts Farrar
93 Sat Nov 25 2000 16:35 James Augusta Farrar
Yours is an interesting web site. The articles on the island are great. Is there any plans for a reunion at the island in the future? I am from a clan of that migrated to Texas in 1872 from Jackson, Mississippi. Look forward to hearing from you. I can give some particulars on this branch of the family if there is interest. God bless you and the family Farrar.
94 Sun Nov 26 2000 09:42 Charlie A Farrar XUSCG@TEXAS.NET
A Georgia transplant living in Texas
95 Mon Dec 4 2000 14:02 Jeff Farrar

96 Thu Dec 7 2000 11:36 Daniel Farrar
hi there
i am a genuine Farrar although the e-mail address is not correct, please excuss this but have not changed it as yet.
I will explain about me and who i am,
i am 28 years old, and live in a small town in Englands south west called Torquay, it is a beautiful area, set on the coast.
you may have heard of the county where Torquay is situated, this is called Devon, and is famed for its coast line and dartmoor nation park.
I have been trying to trace my familly tree but find it very difficult as my father knows very little of his father's history, it seems as though there is something that should or will not be discussed.
I know that my grandfather was was born in Yorkshire England, and surfin the net you can find quite a histry in this area regarding the family name. the was initially a William Ferror (17th century i believe) and the name was re-spelt from there.
Some of the Farrar family did move to the US where was an Island named farrar island was named after a forebarer, this is in virinia which (please exuse my geography)is in the south! where are you! close?
this brings me to where i found you i am looking for information on Farrar island because i would like to come to the states to see it. strange i know but it's nice to see these kind of things, anyway if you have any info on farrar island or anything to help my tree please keep me posted, i will store you and anthing you may be interested in, i shall forward
97 Tue Jan 2 2001 02:28 Shane Farrar
I was looking to get some history on the Farrar name. I am from Texas, my father is Howard from Lubbuck
98 Tue Jan 16 2001 03:33 Gloria Wright Millner
My mother was Dorothy Farrar Wright and her family was from Albemarle County, Nelson and Amherst County, Va. GGGgrandparents Wyatt and Indianna Farrar.
99 Thu Jan 18 2001 10:49

100 Sun Jan 28 2001 21:15 Thomas R Farrar FARRARTHOMAS@AOL.COM
101 Wed Jan 31 2001 14:51 Susan Farrar Martin
I would like to know more about the reunion on Farrar's Island.

Is it open to any Farrar? When is it held? What do I need to do to keep informed?

Thank you,
Susan Farrar Martin
102 Thu Feb 8 2001 13:14 Jamie Farrar
I just found this site- it is great!!! My husband
and I are going to look at it more tonight. He is
going to be very excited, he has been trying to
trace his family history unsuccessfully for a while!
Thanks for putting the time into keeping up your
families history, it will be appreciated for years!
Thank you
Jamie Farrar
103 Thu Feb 22 2001 20:46 Harold J. Farrar
Great news, I am from the Mass. branch of the Farrar family but am related to the Virginia branch back in England. I visited Farrar Island many years ago but it was nothing but over growth of brush and weeds. I am happy that the island will be developed into a park and that their is a Family assoc.
104 Tue Mar 6 2001 11:00 Ardath L. (Bond) Buckaway
I love this page. I have discovered my roots in the William & Cicely Farrar Family. I also have many family connections with the Lacy, Holland, and Hancock Families of Old Virginia. If anyone is interested please contact me. I live in Canada.
105 Tue Mar 20 2001 22:49 Mary Pennell Calapp
You descend from William Farrar of Ewood, My family descends from Henry of Ewood, brothers whose descendants came to Va and Mass. It sounds like it would be fun to attend,
106 Thu Mar 22 2001 16:58 richard burford
many thanks for the news letter,plan to visit the ark reunion in june
107 Tue Mar 27 2001 21:24 Pamela Aliece Farrar Johnson
this is neat, my anut sent me this site.
108 Fri Apr 6 2001 05:42 Dad
A great job, Son!

109 Thu Apr 12 2001 10:10 Susan Farrar Martin
I would like to recieve any updates on the reunion and on the meeting on Farrar's island.

Thank you,
110 Mon Apr 30 2001 07:24 Delbert R Farrar
Good day sir/madam,
Merely perusing. My progenitors from Farrar side
hail from Brookland, AR. via Dyer, TN.
Name is remarkably silent from annals.
No apparent heroes or horse thieves....
111 Sun May 6 2001 21:20 leonard o. farrar
look forward to coming to the reunion
112 Sat May 12 2001 17:46 Zelma Farrar,Brimer
I am ordering the two books as a set. I hope they are available as I am anxious to get them. My decendants are from Farrar's Island.William Farrar who owned Farrar's Island is my descendant .I am collecting info. on my family, and I hope the books will help. Thanks for making the books available.
113 Sun Jun 17 2001 12:32 Rick Shelton
Anna Virginia Farrar (1870-1943) was my great-great-grandmother...
114 Mon Jun 25 2001 22:12 Floyd L. Farrar
I was directed to this site by a kin folk and have just surfed into it, all I can say is WOW-
Thanks for all the history that would take me hours to find out by individual searching.
I live in So Calif and have photos of my grandfather Floyd W. Farrar, and father Floyd W. Farrar Jr., both of Hillsbourgho Texas. I just found these photos in things my 80 year old mother has just given to me. I scanned them and would be happy to send them along.

Floyd Farrar Hawaiian Gardens CA
115 Wed Jun 27 2001 11:12 Floyd L Farrar
I have just been led to this site by another Farrar. I am astounded to find out so much information. My grand dad was very closed mouthed about his realatives as he had come to Southern California in the early 1920s to escape from ?? And start a new life. I have found a wealth of stuff I have been looking for a long time. Didn’t know I had so many cousins. As I was just informed my direct links are Junius H Farrar , Clark Wallace Farrar, to my grandfather Floyd W. Farrar of Hillsboro Texas. I have a few photos that I have just got from my aging mother showing some of the kin who migrated out to the west coast, I have just scanned them and sent them on to John W. Farrar. I live on the west coast and it may be hard to attend any get togeathers back east as I am retired and aint rich by any means, no matter what the TV news tells ya. I was born and raised out near LA and have lived here the whole time. Anyhow thanks for the information
116 Mon Jul 2 2001 18:45

117 Sun Jul 22 2001 19:11 Curtis Benjamin Farrar
For your general information I am great grandson of Ben Farrar and Grandson of late Kelvin Farrar.
118 Sun Sep 9 2001 17:43 Kay Gilstrap Mann
Very excited to see such an excellent Web Page for the Farrar Family. I am decended from this family although my family changed from Farrar to Farr about 4 generations back. Great job on this site Randy. I enjoyed it very much and will refer it to my other Farr relatives. Thanks
119 Sat Oct 6 2001 07:39 Mike Farrar 15
My name is mike farrar i decided i was going to search my name and this came up i was just wondering if i am from the same farrar family you are from. i am from jamestown new york. please email me back if you know of a farrar family in the new york area
120 Thu Oct 11 2001 07:00 Candy McEachnie
Searching for my relative Orra Farrar (1791-1833) belived daughter of Absolom Farrar and Mildred Avery Clark Farrar. She married Moses Paul really looking for any info available about Paul's. Do you have any information?

122 Sat Oct 13 2001 19:41 Anita Avery
I am descended from the Farrar family through William George Farrar and Judith Jefferson. My research on the family has been an interesting experience. It has led me to learn more about the early royalty history of England.

123 Tue Oct 30 2001 21:00 Samuel Hartt Farrar
Hi I live in St.Albans, Vermont. My father is Robert Edward Farrar and my mother is Susan Rodham Farrar. My father was born in Dighton, Mass. His parents were John and Florence Farrar. I would like to know what if any connection besides name my family has to yours. I was delighted to find that were other Farrars besides the Massaschusetts clan.
124 Tue Nov 6 2001 13:44 Jon Farrar
125 Mon Nov 12 2001 17:41 william ward farrar
Have much info on family - Have A. Holmes books and others, Intersted in reading whatever anyone has on the family geneology
126 Wed Nov 21 2001 21:06 Rickey Ferguson
My name is Rickey Ferguson of Arcola Illinois. I am a descendant of the William Farrar family. I am an 11th great grandson of William Farrar who embarked on a journey from his homeland in England to North America in 1618 on the ship the 'Neptune'. My neareat of kin in my Farrar family line is my gggg grandmother, Sarah Farrar (1788-1845). She married James 'Woody' Vaughan. Their daughter Nancy Jane Vaughan married Samual Rankin. Their daughter Sarah (Sally) Ann Rankin married Adam Storm. Their daughter Sarah Ann Storm married Albert Ferguson. Their Son Gustave Ferguson Married Mary Corkwell. Their son Forrest Ferguson married Jacqueline Futrell. I am their son. I hope to one day soon visit the historic Farrar Island area. Would love to attend a Farrar Family Reunion and meet some of my Farrar cousins. My wife & I are the parents of one daughter and two grandchildren. Rickey Ferguson 25 Country Club Ln. Arcola, Illinois 61910 Phone 217-268-3295
127 Sun Nov 25 2001 08:32 Jimmie F. Farrar, Sr.
Just located your site. Great! Most of my family lives in Many, La. There must be a connection somewhere. Where can I find the family tree?
128 Sat Dec 1 2001 12:41 Peggy Farrar Ferguson
The books were a great help in reseach for my membership in the DAR. I have made them a permanent part of my library
129 Mon Dec 3 2001 12:14 Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Farrar
Thank you for letting me sign the guest book and yes, I am a decendant of the Farrar's of Farrar Island. I live in South Hill, Virginia which is approximately 45 minutes from Farrar's Island. I have also located a group of decendants in Dandridge, TN.

Hope to have the opportunity to meet many of you in the near future.

130 Fri Dec 14 2001 08:19 Edwin Farrar
I am looking for the colorings of the family crest and shield. I have located information that a Farrar - Master of Horse to William the Conqueror - was at the battle of Hastings in 1066. Do you have any information on this? Has anyone in this organization ever contacted the heralds of England?
131 Thu Jan 24 2002 16:15 Cindy Stotts
I found your site extremely interesting and helpful. My husband's family is linked to the Farrar's through John Farrar 1691-1769 and his wife Sarah Farmer. I'll keep checking back for more poop scoop. Thanks for all of your hard work!
132 Tue Feb 5 2002 12:19 Carleton McNaron Wright
Well I finally make it to your guestbook! Maybe next time I will make it to the reunion!
133 Fri Feb 8 2002 10:38 Colin Arthur Farrar
Ihave only just got on line and thought I would try typing in my surname.Great site, but it might take some time to take it all in. Well done.
134 Thu Feb 21 2002 12:42 Graham Farrar
I'm new to genealogy, but have reached back to cc 1750 here in UK, mostly just north of London. Your site is very interesting.
Regards Graham F
135 Mon Feb 25 2002 19:45 Erin Farrar
hi this is really interesting i am glad there is a wed site on farrars
136 Wed Feb 27 2002 13:31 meghan marie farrar
well i would like to learn more about the farrar family and exsacly who i am related to. My grandmother cicell just died a mounth ago. I dont even know who i am wrighting to i am just wrighting. Anyways i am 17 teen years of age. my father also died along with my grandfather. so if anyone can tell me a little more about my family that would be cool. I was told that my grandfather did some resrch on who we were related to.he said we were related to the king and queen of England. i live in washinton.
137 Sun Mar 3 2002 12:57 Ann Deese
Thanks, this is a wonderful site. I have gathered allot of information to help me and would like to visit Farrar's Island some day soon.
138 Tue Mar 5 2002 23:02 charles everard farrar
Just another Farrar. I live in Los Angeles, Ca
139 Sat May 4 2002 11:26 Floyd Farrar
I have just discovered your page doing work on finding ancestors in the Civil War. I have much info and photos on my side of the family in Southern California from the early 1920s on and have no idea of who to tell it to. Any suggestions?

140 Mon May 6 2002 16:17 Randy Farrar

I for got to comment on the good appearance of
your Web Site. You have done a very good job.

I downloaded the two family tree files and saved
them so I can study them later. Thanks.

Regards, Jim Farrior

141 Mon May 13 2002 17:56 Beverly Farrar Jackson
Are you any relation to Hallet, Rex, "Bunk", or Randy Farrar from the Willow Springs/Mountain View, Missouri area?
142 Sun Jun 2 2002 12:12 Sherrie Bargatze
Hello, I am interested in contacting Margaret Bargatze listed on your site. In order to introduce myself please visit my homepage listed below. (I am working on upgrades today)
Sherrie Bargatze - Dallas
143 Wed Jul 3 2002 15:54 Caitlin M. Farrar
Hi! I am a Farrar, as you can see by my last name, and I have been looking for a Farrar family tree... this isn't exactly what I wanted, but it's neat... you're proabably my distant, DISTANT relatives! Hope to hear form you!
144 Sat Jul 20 2002 10:36 Peg Watts-Cartwright
WOnderful site :-)
I'm decended from Diannaha's daughter Catherine's line. Catherine was my ggg grandmother. Her daughter Martha my gg grandmother and her daughter Columbia was my g grandmother. Her son Jake Watts was my much loved and missed grandpa, b 1906 in Holly Pond AL.
145 Sun Jul 28 2002 16:56 Crystal Farrow
This is great how our family has been traced back so far. I looked at the family tree and tried to figure out where i would go, but im afraid that would take awhile. If anyone would like to make the family even bigger, you can sure get a hold of me, of perferably my aunt who is a "geneology nut" and you could add to that tree. I just got back from our farrow family reunion here in WA state so i was thinking about you guys on the other side of america. :)
Crystal Farrow
(grand-daughter of Hettie and Otto Farrow)
146 Wed Aug 14 2002 22:33 Garth Farrar

147 Thu Aug 22 2002 06:06 Tom Williams
I think that some of my family are related to the Farrar family; we are still researching.
148 Tue Aug 27 2002 18:26 Lori Edens (Judith Lorene Day)
I am amazed! I just recently began to investigate my father's family and this is what I found. I am the daughter of Herman Lee Day and he is the son of Edith Olivia Farrar, Daughter of William Winston Farrar. Thank you for the link to my past!
149 Thu Sep 19 2002 13:47 Joseph Dean Farrar
Hey cool maybe I'm related to you guys, I know it wasn't a mistake that I was named After my grand father Joseph Farrar for some reason. I'm going to look further into the history section of this site to see just how I might fit into the picture if at all. Anyway you've got the best last name arround.- Joe Farrar
150 Fri Oct 11 2002 21:05 Karen Farrar-Smith

151 Fri Oct 11 2002 19:09 Karen Farrar-Smith
I am trying to locate my ancestors. My grandfather was Lewis Edgar Farrar born in the early 1850's. I believe he was from Appomattox, Virginia but we have no information on him. He later relocated to Buckingham, Virginia and that is where I live today. He died in 1958 and my father, Robert Farrar, recently died in April of 2002. If you have any suggestions, I would like to hear from you. I am just getting started and really don't know where to go.
152 Fri Oct 11 2002 19:09 Karen Farrar-Smith
I am trying to locate my ancestors. My grandfather was Lewis Edgar Farrar born in the early 1850's. I believe he was from Appomattox, Virginia but we have no information on him. He later relocated to Buckingham, Virginia and that is where I live today. He died in 1958 and my father, Robert Farrar, recently died in April of 2002. If you have any suggestions, I would like to hear from you. I am just getting started and really don't know where to go.
153 Mon Oct 14 2002 14:09 Corky Davis
I am a Farrar decendent. Glad to find this website. My 2 sisters and I have talked about going to Farrar's Island.
154 Thu Oct 17 2002 19:04 Ira L. Harris III
Interested in Harris - Farrar connections in Virginia, Carolinas, and Tennessee.
155 Tue Oct 22 2002 18:42 Jackie Coppage
Just got the newsletter in the mail today. As usual, JV did a bang-up job. Kinda sad to see it is the last one, but he is right: technology dictates we use this better means of communicating. (To say nothing of the rising cost of postage!)Love from Frank and me to the whole clan!
156 Wed Oct 23 2002 06:47 Jackie Coppage
Hey, Randy...I have already left my message; I want to read what others have written, but the "Guest Book" link always hooks me up to this!
157 Sun Nov 3 2002 18:48 Treva Kohn
I am a descendent of the Farrar Family. My grandfather is a Farrar. My Mom told me about all the research that is being done on the Farrar family dating back to the 1500s. I would like more information on the reunions if there are any.
158 Mon Nov 18 2002 10:25 Robert G Farrar
I'm from Rapid City, SD, and have lived in SD my entire life. Age 53, I have been told that my grandparents came to SD from Ill. in the late 1880's. We may or maynot be related. Thanks for the website. Bob Farrar
159 Wed Nov 20 2002 18:36 doug farrar opies jeep @
great news i have found our sign it vanished when contr. started on a gas station vdot has it and will put it back after constr. is done hopefully soon i will keep you informed on how it is going doug
160 Sat Nov 23 2002 22:15 Shawn Farrar
Hello. You may or may not remember to much of me but i am the grandson of Thomas Farrar Sr. I seen the family reunion photo from 97 and realized that that was the last time that my sister, Sara, and I last attended. I've been wanting to go back for the longest time now, but being a Marine makes it hard. Hopefully in 2004 after I get out i will be able to make time enough to go. I think this site is very imformative and rich in history.
161 Wed Jan 22 2003 19:16 Evelyn Pruitt Christiansen
Interesting site. My connection to the Farrar family is thru Dinnah Hillman Farrar Pruitt Whaley Her Father was Abner Farrar son of Judith Jefferson Farrar.
162 Wed Jan 29 2003 20:37 carolyn farrar
my father is harley frances farrar (1938) son of helen mae (stout) & jesse ruben farrar. he has 4 brothers: jesse, don, perrin & zane all from
st. louis mo. just looking to see if there is more than immediate family.
163 Thu Jan 30 2003 23:21 Floyd Farrar
I have obtained extensive pension records and forage claim documents from my great-great grandfather Junius H. Farrar, Sgt. 2nd Arkansas Cavalry, Company F, Union Army. I am looking for any photos of him or his two sons John H. Farrar or Nicholas G. Farrar, or any photos of the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry, Union Army.

Many thanks-
Floyd L. Farrar
Southern California
164 Sat Feb 8 2003 11:02 Melrose Smith Bagwell
I am a descendant of the Farrar Family through
Redmond Rudd Smith who married 1) Judith Farrar
and after her death 2) Rebecca Farrar. Judith and Rebecca were sisters. Children of George Farrar and Elizabeth Boyd. Redmond Rudd and Rebecca came to Dallas County, Arkansas after
they were married.
I enjoyed this site. A few years ago my family went to Virginia, but we never could find Farrar's Island. Even at the library at Richmond they didn't know what we were talking about or where it was!
165 Tue Feb 18 2003 22:05 Eva Maehren
great web site. enjoyed it very much. I am a dec to Judith Jefferson farrar.
166 Wed Feb 19 2003 14:24 Estelle Farrar
Hi there, I hail from Yorkshire England from quite a long line of Farrar's. I was trying to locate my family coat of arms when I happened upon your site. Just in case you are interested our family crest is a silver shield with a red diagonal band and 6 horse shoes. Apparently the English name Farrar derives from the trade of "farrier" ie. someone who shoes horses! Maybe we have some ancestors in common, who knows?
Great site, nice family photos. Will keep popping in to have a peek
Kind regards
168 Mon Apr 7 2003 08:48 Clara Henrietta Farrar Tucker
my son Ric just discovered this site and forwarded it to me. When I get a chance I will take a long look at your family tree and compare it to the one I have.
169 Tue Apr 8 2003 10:26 Joyce Handsel
Hi, I have enjoyed your website. I am descended from Sarah Farrar, daughter of William Farrar who came to NC. Sarah was my 3rd great grandmother. She married John Rankin.
Hope to visit Farrar's Island soon.
170 Wed Apr 9 2003 10:21 C. Farrar
Hi all! I am a Farrar living in Ontario, Canada. I saw the photos of the "Farrar Family Reunion" in Arkansas. It is a coincidence that it took place there, since my mom was born there- but she isn't a Farrar. It would be cool to hear from some "long-lost" relatives. I'd love for you to email me!
171 Wed May 14 2003 21:11 Eugene Judson Farrar Sr.
good to finally be able get on line and check out all your hard work randy. Gene
172 Thu May 22 2003 20:56 Ron Farrar
Would like to know more of your get together . Is this held every year? When do you have a newsletter?

173 Sat Jun 7 2003 08:40 marvin howard moody
mother:lola jane farrar
174 Tue Jun 17 2003 13:12 Eugene J. Farrar Sr. OR
I might be a member;check with Joe. I finally got online.I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms.Holmes many times over the phone back in the 70s.She was a sweet old gal. My lines on p.71 with josiah. Glad you are selling them...Gene F.
175 Tue Jun 17 2003 13:12 Eugene J. Farrar Sr. OR
I might be a member;check with Joe. I finally got online.I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms.Holmes many times over the phone back in the 70s.She was a sweet old gal. My lines on p.71 with josiah. Glad you are selling them...Gene F.
176 Tue Jun 17 2003 13:12 Eugene J. Farrar Sr. OR
I might be a member;check with Joe. I finally got online.I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms.Holmes many times over the phone back in the 70s.She was a sweet old gal. My lines on p.71 with josiah. Glad you are selling them...Gene F.
177 Sat Jul 5 2003 16:33 Greg Farrar
Like your site, we are cousins. Although I had same info on ancestors I was able to add some more cousins to my tree. Thanks
178 Wed Jul 9 2003 07:38 Sophie Farrar
I've just started to research my family tree and found your brilliant website while searching the internet. I don't know if we are in any way related but it has certainly encouraged me to do some more looking.
Thanks for the inspiration!
179 Mon Jul 21 2003 05:00 Vicki Farrar Simpson
My Aunt (father's sister) told me their family came from Wales. My great grandfather settled in Missouri with his wife, but moved to southern Indiana after a serious bout with the law.
I enjoyed reading this web site very much!
180 Sun Aug 31 2003 14:48 Rhonda Lynn Caldwell-Shultz

181 Sun Aug 31 2003 14:50 Rhonda Lynn Caldwell-Shultz
My 5th great grandparents
Andrew H Caldwell and Nancy Ann Farrar
182 Tue Sep 2 2003 22:59 Chadd Allen Farrar
this is the first time i found out hat we have a lot of people in our family
183 Mon Sep 8 2003 07:24 William R. Farrar

184 Mon Sep 8 2003 18:55 Mary Avary Whittier
A great site.
185 Mon Sep 8 2003 18:14 Martha Reddout
William Farrar and Cicely Reynolds are my 9th Great-grandparents. I enjoyed you site.
William < Col William < Major William < George < Col Thomas < Abner < Diannah Carter Farrar Pruitt < Martha Lucretia Pruitt Wilson < Millard Filmore Wilson < Inez Wilson Montgomery < Melvin Charles Montgomery < me Martha Nell Montgomery Reddout.
186 Mon Sep 15 2003 09:38 Edgar Farrar Goldberger
Hi Family, looking forward to meeting.
187 Tue Sep 23 2003 07:23 Benny D Farrar
I am trying to trace my family.I would appreciate any help.
188 Fri Sep 26 2003 17:31 Hontas Farrar Hines
My grandfather and grandmother were Samuel A. and
Martha (Reid) Farrar who lived in Erath County,
Texas. I know from family bible that his father
and mother were Junius and Cassie Farrar in Ark.
Does anyone have information about this family of
189 Sat Oct 4 2003 10:17 Bart Farrar
I'm trying to make a connection to a William.G. Farrar who was born in Jefferson County Indiana and married Lucretia Davis who also was born in Jefferson County Indiana. William was in the Civil war around 1862.
190 Wed Oct 8 2003 07:19 Chelsea Farrar

191 Thu Oct 16 2003 12:33 Audrey Louise Farrar
I am very glad to find this wedsite. I have been looking for my family's history for a long time. I will buy the books and thank you for the info.
192 Sat Oct 25 2003 09:56 Hontas Farrar Hines
I am still searching public records for my
father's family. Plan to go to Arkansas Reunion
on Father's Day 2004. Anyone out there who knows
anything about my ggrandfather,Junius and Cassie
Nail Farrar, please send info you have. My grandfather was Samuel A. and Martha Reid Farrar.
193 Sun Nov 9 2003 17:27 Randy Ray Farrar
My wife and I have been doing a little Farrar family tree research. I came across your sight and really enjoyed reading the information on it. I am descended from John William Farrar and Elizabeth Williams. Keep up the great work.
194 Mon Nov 10 2003 18:07 Anne Farrar

195 Sat Nov 15 2003 02:25 Erin Farrar
i am from Australia and was just wondering if maybe just maybe we might be related
196 Tue Nov 18 2003 08:08 Cecil W. Farrar,III

197 Tue Nov 18 2003 17:36 Darren John Farrar
interesting site,just happen to stumble in.
198 Mon Nov 24 2003 15:23 Roy Keith Collins
My mother is a Farrar from north Louisiana. She now lives near Hamburg, AR.

I live in Cody, Wyoming.

I hope to be able to attend your '04 reunion, if only briefly.
199 Mon Dec 1 2003 04:40 Greg Farrar
The Australian Farrars' don't have anything like this. Regards Greg Farrar
200 Tue Dec 9 2003 15:37 Ellen S. Roberts, (Wheeler-Farrar)
In contacting Farrar's, my paternal grandmothers people in Lousiana, I learned of the Family Reunion
and the books. It is just great to know more about my ancestors. Our records listed my great-great-
great grandfather, born ca 1782, as Henry Y, some of the new records list him as Henry Lansford.
201 Mon Dec 15 2003 08:23 David Nolan Farrar

202 Mon Dec 15 2003 08:43 Tammie Farrar-McWillis,
203 Wed Dec 31 2003 09:16 Hontas Farrar Hines
Father--Oscar Farrar
Grandfather--Samuel A. Farrar
G-grandfather--junius Farrar and Cassie Nail Farrar
204 Sat Feb 7 2004 08:58 Susan Farrar Martin
My husband and I will be in the Williamsburg area at the end of the month. A business trip for him. Can you give me directions to Farrar's Island? Probably 10 years ago we were able to go and I think we found Farrar's Island but it was before it was developed. I am hoping to bring my Dad and if not get a lot of pictures. Thank you for your help.

Susan Farrar Martin
205 Tue Mar 2 2004 23:18 James Roy Farrar Jr
I love your site very imfomational Thank you.
206 Tue Apr 13 2004 13:41 William R. (Bill) Farrar, Sr.
I am one of three children of James DuVal Farrar,
and have broad and deep roots in Nelson County, Virginia, as well as in Lynchurg, Virginia. I shall look forward to hearing from any of you lost cousins out there.
207 Wed Apr 21 2004 07:00 Shelley Luck Litkovitz
I really love your web page. I am a descendant from Martha Moore who's mother was Elizabeth Lewis Hancock from Sally Bradshaw and William Lewis Hancock. Thank you for taking the time to have a great web page and supplying me more information about my family. I don't know hardly anything about the Luck Family. Sincerely, Shelley Luck Litkovitz
208 Mon Apr 26 2004 00:15 William R. Farrar

209 Mon Apr 26 2004 00:17 William R. Farrar
In Mechanicsville, Virginia; just north of Richmond. Lived 60 years in Lynchburg with deep roots in Nelson County.

210 Mon May 3 2004 21:31 Bill Robbins
Love your site. William B. Farrar and Mary D Youngblood were the parents of my Grandmother Malissa Caroline Farrar who married Marion Frances Youngblood
211 Mon Jun 7 2004 10:38 Harold J. Farrar
I am writing 2 books on our FARRAR family One is fron 1010 to 1471. The other will be from 1471` up to present time. I am a desendant of Jacob who came to Worburn,Ma. in 1652 I have been able to work with a team of 10 on this project,
212 Tue Jun 22 2004 20:37 Jack Thompson Farrar, Jr
Good Website.
213 Sun Jun 27 2004 20:32 Eugene J. Farrar Sr.
Still here in The Home state Where we all got started in this country !
214 Sun Jun 27 2004 20:32

215 Mon Jul 12 2004 18:14 Linda Hester
My grandmother was Clarice Farrar Crowell. She died in the late 60's. I have not researched the Farrar line but I'm very interested.
216 Sun Aug 1 2004 16:55 Dean Farrar
My Mother has all kinds of information about the farrar's, her email address:
217 Tue Aug 10 2004 13:00 Charles E. Farrar
Greetings, fellow Farrars'
218 Tue Aug 17 2004 16:07 christopher d farrar
keep up the good work!
219 Tue Aug 17 2004 16:07 christopher d farrar
keep up the good work!
220 Sat Aug 21 2004 11:50 Betty Fitzgerald
Out of Cecily and Col. Wm Farrar. Working in Eng. on Farrar, with Eng historians, who live on Farrar's Midgley land. All of you I encourage joining "Henricus Foundation", (on Farrar's Island) where our Cecily cared for Pocahontas., and visit web of Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters and Jamestowne Soc. And join. 400 yr. anna. coming up in 07.
221 Tue Sep 7 2004 23:47 kenneth farrar
wow.. i didnt even know my family had such a great history
222 Mon Nov 15 2004 19:27 Linda Hester
My grandmother was Clarice Farrar Crowell, her father was James W. Farrar. My grandmother died in 1969 and I have no information on her Farrar line.
223 Fri Nov 26 2004 10:30 Malcolm Farrar
Found your site wuth great delight! I live in Luton, England, and am descended from the Farrars in Yorkshire. I have a shield with the Coat of arms and the inscription "Go forth as the well shod horse". Love to hear from any Farrar!
224 Sat Dec 4 2004 15:00 James J. Farrar
I am a ggggrandson of John Burton Farrar who came to Perry county missouri in or about 1822. John's bd is 1795, I am unable to find who his father was
225 Fri Dec 24 2004 10:35 Don Pruitt
I have enjoyed your website. My great great grandmother's name was Diana Farrar. She married Tillman Dixon Pruitt.Her father was Col. Thomas Farrar who was born on Farrar's Island. I intend to visit the place the next time I'm in Virginia. Thanks again for your website.
226 Thu Dec 30 2004 13:35 Peter Crispin
i have been researching now for Farrar's of Leeds Yorkshire England for 4yrs now.Farrar is my mothers maiden name.This site is very well laid out i have yet to link my Farrar's to the likes of yours as i find the Farrar name in Yorkshire is a very popular name and has been for many many years.thanks for the inspirations may the Farrar name live on.You are welcome to visit my home page on
227 Thu Feb 3 2005 14:44 Kathy Farrar
Bill & Betty's daughter here! Just wanted to let you know that my son, Sean is doing another tour of duty in Iraq. This time for 1 year to 18 months. He is near a town called Remagen, which is close to Tikrit. I know he would love to hear from any of the family. His address is:

SGT Hedrick, Sean D
HHB 1-41 FA 1st BCT, 42ID
FOB Remagen
APO AE 09383

If anyone would like to send a care package, he could use - Small packets of sugar free Kool-aid (the water is filtered but still doesn't taste very good so anything to help it out is appreciated!) Mach 3 razors, dried fruit, peanut butter cups, gal. size ziplock baggies, trail mix, anything you would like to send, except - NO PORK PRODUCTS, NO RELIGIOUS MATERIAL, NO GIRLY PHOTOS.
I thought maybe we could get this into the newsletter so his address would be available to anyone who wants it.
228 Fri Feb 18 2005 16:33 Edward Farrar
Live in Chester, VA. My Grandfather, William F.Farrar was from NY in the 1920-30. Believe he was a sailor or merchant marine. Not much information other than he had a Son William Farrar Jr, (I am his son),Viola, Evelyn, and Walter.
229 Mon Mar 14 2005 13:18 Kevin Farrar
230 Wed May 4 2005 10:52 Floyd Farrar
I have just received my Farrar Family Newsletter and I must say it is very well done. The editor is to be commended.
I was going to try to make the reunion this year but family matters may dictate I stay close to home then.

Floyd Farrar- Hawaiian Gardens CA

Direct decedent of Junius H Farrar, Clark Wallace, and Floyd W Farrar of Hillsboro TX (he was my grand dad)
231 Mon May 16 2005 21:06 Stephanie Jones
Hey ya'll, got married recently, so now the name is Fortune. But figured most of ya'll know me as Jones. Anyways, got the newsletter and got on to the site; there's so many more people out in the world that are kin. This is SO cool!!!!
232 Thu May 19 2005 19:18 Megan Farrar
This is a great site. I am looking for Farrar's connected to Lillie Louisiana.
233 Thu Jun 16 2005 05:55 James D. Farrar
Just wanted to say Hi! to all of the other Farrar's ... can anyone email me and tell me if there is a "correct" way to pronounce our last name? Ive been saying Fu-Rar ... which I've been told is incorrect.
234 Thu Jun 16 2005 23:27 Brian A. Farrar
I live in Nebraska.
My father, Bruce, lives in Colorado.
235 Wed Jun 22 2005 15:31 Bettye Sparks Busby lipscomb19322002
i was glad to meet you and your dad at the Farrar reunion in Ar. This was my first time to attend and hope to attend next year. Keep up the good work. I am just beginning to research my Farrar line.
236 Sun Jun 26 2005 19:59 Troy Christian Farrar
I glad there is a web site to go to.
237 Mon Jun 27 2005 23:52 Joseph Webb Farrar II
This is so great! I'm the son of Joseph Webb Farrar (obviously), son of Miles Pinckney Farrar, son of Joseph Johnson Farrar, son of John Farrar, son of Thrain, son of Thror, King under the Mountain. (hehe J.R.R.Tolkien fan here. Sorry.)
I grew up in Morganton, NC with my two brothers Jeffrey and Benjamin. My parents, Joe and Catherine, are from Mount Holly (near Charlotte), as are most of the Farrars I've been aware of. The rest are from Lincolnton. I've sort of thought we were all alone over here, so it's great to see such a huge bunch of kindred are out there. My aunt Linda Farrar (Byrd by marriage) has a great deal of family info and has traced us to William Farrar. From that point, she found out about Farrar's Island, which now leads all of us to allll the rest of you. Seriously, it is amazing to see the wide-ranging Farrar sprawl. I'd love to hear from any of you, and if you'd like to learn more detailed lineage for this brach of the tree, email Linda Byrd at .
238 Tue Jul 19 2005 22:44 Dennis Farrar
Looking for Farrars from New Mexico. My father born 1918 in New Mexico to David Charles Farrar and Mary. Thanks for putting this site together. Best to you. Dennis Farrar
239 Mon Jul 25 2005 20:54 Bettye & Ethan Busby
Enjoyed visiting the Farrar reunion for the first time this year and meeting all those Farrar cousins. Hope to attend next year.
Bettye Busby
240 Fri Jul 29 2005 05:18 MGBADA JOE ABA MGBADAJOE@ABA.COM
241 Sat Oct 22 2005 21:54 William Farrar
Hi all:
Love the site and am looking foward to the books.

242 Sun Oct 23 2005 17:52 Mark Farrar
My father is from Yorkshire, England, now living in Suffolk where I was born. Didn't know there were so many of us! So much information on this website. Thanks
243 Fri Dec 16 2005 10:10 Edgar Farrar Goldberger
Hi cus(s), hope to hear for you all. Farrar
244 Tue Jan 3 2006 18:35 Linda Hester
My grandmother was Clarice Farrar Crowell, Daughter of James Riley Farrar and Mary Elizabeth Capps. I have recently started Farrar research.
245 Sun Jan 8 2006 00:10 Bill Robbins
My Grandmother was Malissa Caroline Farrar, daughter of Mary D. B. Youngblood and William B Farrar. His father was from VT.
246 Sun Mar 12 2006 15:15 Bettye Sparks Busby
Attended the Farrar Reunion at Wirth, Ar. last year and met a lot of friendly people and also purchased the 2 Farrar books by Ms. Holmes. Hope to be able to attend reunion this year.
247 Tue Apr 18 2006 19:27 jessica farrar
really like to know some other farrars
248 Thu Apr 27 2006 16:32 Bettye Busby
Hi Randy:
This "old lady from Arkansas" is sitting in the Chesterfield Library in Chesterfield, Va. I have been doing Farrar genealogy all week. Plan to go to Farrar's Island with Doug Farrar tommorow. Hope to see you in Ar. Father's Day.
Keep up your good work.
249 Thu Jun 1 2006 15:00 Linda Hopson
My connection to this line is through William Farrar's gr-grandchild Martha Farrar who married William Whitlow, Jr. Two of their children Henry Othello Whitlow, Sr. and John Whitlow produced lines that eventually reconnect to form one line again... Melissa Margaret Milby and Joseph Nathan Bloyd of Green Co., KY. I am at the end of that line.... at least I think this is all correct... :) Love the information on Farrar line... thanks to you all. Linda Davis Hopson
250 Fri Jul 21 2006 17:28 Wayne Farrar
Hello,just searching on the internet for my family tree.I live in Amble, Northumberland , England.Have managed so far to trace my family back to Redmire in Yorkshire 1776.
251 Thu Aug 3 2006 09:05 Tom Atkins
I would like to know when there is another reunion and where it will be held. Thanks. I was in Midgley in May as well as Little Gidding.
252 Sun Aug 13 2006 18:25 J. Paul Salley
I am looking for information about the Farrars of Perry County Alabama. My ancestors moved from Perry County Alabama circa 1840 to Union Parish Louisiana.
253 Sun Sep 17 2006 08:40 James Bishop Farrar
Great website, alot of info on our family. thanks.
254 Tue Sep 19 2006 14:20 Matthew Grubbs Farrar IV

255 Thu Oct 5 2006 23:39 Geraldine Hill
I was wondering if anyone new a robert farrar, he had a father name william farrar, brother william, and sister shirley. My mom is a half sister to robert,william,shirley farrar. they were from lynchburg va.
256 Mon Oct 9 2006 01:19 Charles Richard Coffman
I am the second of three children of Charles Coffman and Geraldine Farrar Coffman, daughter of Richard Henry Farrar and Grace Mabel Hunter Farrar of Decatur, Illinois, previously of Lime Springs, Iowa and earlier from Minnesota. I have lost all contact with the Farrar family since William and George, also sons of Richard Henry and my uncles, passed. William's children were 'Billy' and 'Sally'. George's children were Wayne, Vern, and Gloria. William passed away in a VA hospital in Illinois, and George was last know to be living in Irving, Tx in the 1970's. I would enjoy communicating with anyone with any information on this portion of the family.
257 Tue Nov 28 2006 10:28 Duncan Farrar

Duncan Farrar of Edinburgh, checking in to see what I can find out.

258 Sat Dec 30 2006 23:43 Monica Hightower
related through Margaret Prince Farrar
259 Wed Jan 24 2007 01:14 Floyd L Farrar
Just an update for the Farrar pages- I have a new email address.
I have been contacted by direct descendent relatives who live in Corpus Christi TX and I have been able to find out info that I have been seeking for ten years! These people are in their mid eighties and they even have photos that I might be able to view.

I had almost gave up genealogy because seems to have sewn up most ALL free data bases and charges OUTLANDISH prices and that tightens my jaws just a bit!
260 Thu Feb 1 2007 11:28 Russ Farrar
Impressive. Especially with all the extra links.
261 Thu Feb 8 2007 20:12 john farrar
hello my name is john farrar and i was raised on prince edward island canada, currently living in edmonton alberta canada
262 Tue Feb 20 2007 16:07 Nick Linebaugh
Hello everyone this is nick. With my profession and traveling all the time it is hard for people to keep track of me. I just wanted everyone to know that you can reach me at or I hope to hear from some of you and if not, i'll see ya in arkansas
263 Thu Mar 8 2007 13:54 Cary E. Smith
My Grandmother Annie Denise Farrar 1902-1988 was the last of the Farrar's in our line. I just started tracing the family history about 5 days ago and it looks like most of the work has been done for me. Thanks everyone!
George Farrar 1692 to 1772 was her G,G,G,G,G,G,Grandfather and after the name on our side ended with her, her 1st Granddaughter was named Farra Ann Thomas b: 1956
Great site by the way! email me if you need some information from Hillsman Farrar to present. I will be glad to answer what I can and share the few Farrar pics I have of Lucy A. Farrar 1844-1930 and Joseph Patrick Farrar and family 1886-1957
264 Thu Mar 15 2007 00:00 Marie Taylor Ducasse
I am a relative of William Farrar and Cecily and have done a large amount of research on the line in my family history. My great Grandmother was Frances Farrar Hancock Coleman and I have used Perrin Farrar as a Supplement Soldier in the DAR. I have also visited Little Gidding in England and found it most rewarding to go there. I am proud to be a member of the Farrar Family, though distant. Marie Ducasse
265 Mon Apr 2 2007 16:17 Cody Dean Farrar

266 Sun Apr 15 2007 23:01 Crystal Farrer

267 Mon Apr 16 2007 07:34 Mary Avary Whittier

268 Mon Apr 16 2007 09:41 Shanon Lee. Farrar
I am so excited to have found this webb site. My father-in-law, Thomas Wayne Farrar, sent it to me. I've been buggin' him for years about getting me some family history. I can't wait to go thru it all!

Bright Blessings!
Shanon L. Farrar
Webster, Texas
269 Wed May 2 2007 08:50 Chad Britt
hi, i recently started a family history and found out that i'm a farrar descendant from the line of Mary Farrar(1722-1793) and Thomas Moore. I think that she is about 10 generations up from me.
270 Sat May 5 2007 14:48 Leslie Sanders
I found this site awesome. I have a scrapbook that my grandmother gave me when I was 21 and I was doing some further research on the beginning of the Ferror's. I suppose down the line the name and spelling has changed as now on my side of the family it is Farr. I have lots of dates of births and deaths if you need them. I love genealogy now thanks to my grandmother Martha Farr and grandfather Melvin Richard Farr.
271 Tue May 22 2007 14:20 Carleton McNaron Wright
Randy, I have always heard that Jordan Farrar was not buried in Flat Creek Cemetery. I don't know the location, but a house was built over his grave. Do you have proof that he is buried at Flat Creek? Carleton
272 Sat May 26 2007 18:21 Alex Farrar
Interesting to read about the history of the Farrar name. Thank You
273 Mon Jun 4 2007 20:52 Leonard Osband Farrar
decendent of henry farrar
274 Sat Jun 9 2007 20:04 Gary Allen Richardson
A very distant cousin of mine was Hamilton Farrar Richardson, who passed away last November 5, 2006. "Ham" was the great grandson of Anna Howard Farrar, of Mississippi and New Orleans, who married Henry Brown Richardson in 1867. Anna traces back to William Farrar, who I have just been reading about with great interest. It's likely that Ham is related to some who will read this, and I thought you might like to know, in case you hadn't heard of his death. He was the best amateur tennis player in the US in the mid 50s', played on Davis Cup teams, and for Tulane Univ.
275 Wed Jun 20 2007 17:10 Robie Bridschge
I am trying to find some ancestry, I dont know much. My Biological grandfather's name Robert Farrar, married to my grandmother Eldora Horn, they had 2 daughters Judy Mae (often called Julie) and Bobbie Charlene. Can anyone tell me anything? I only met him once. He is now deceased. I know he was married to Opal, they had many children, a daughter Robbie, Christine.. that is all I remember, I was only 10 at the time of this meeting.
276 Fri Jun 22 2007 16:11 Janice Hughes Talley
Hello, there! What an interesting family website you have. I am the descendant of Diannah Hillsman Farrar, born in 1806 in Franklin Georgia. She was descended from Abner, Thomas Sr, and then George Farrar I who married Judith Jefferson. I am very pleased to sign your guest book!
277 Sun Jun 24 2007 00:19 Donald Ivan Farrar, Jr
search namesake sites..
278 Sat Jul 7 2007 14:42 Kay Farrar
My Grandmother was Effie Farrar, daughter of Joe
Farrar. Year of birth was a estimted to be 1891 to 1892 in Indian Territory. She died in 1925 and had brothers that had moved to New Mexico before her death. I am looking for relatives.
279 Wed Aug 15 2007 17:19 judith farrar feuss
Has anyone solved the mystery surrounding Joseph FARRAR, b. approx. 1800 in NC? He was listed in the 1830 St. Francois, MO census along with his good friends, James Halbert and Joshua Kinworthy. Does anyone know names of his parents, his wife -- where exactly he came from?

Thank you!
Judith Farrar Feuss (descendant of Joshua Kinworthy Farrar)
280 Fri Aug 24 2007 19:36 Debra Farrar
enjoyed looking at your site. I am still try to trace my husbands tree. We are from Bastrop, Louisiana. Debra
281 Fri Aug 31 2007 18:28 William Corum
I am descendant of Frances Farrar and John Hancock who came to Kentucky in 1805 from Virginia. John Hancock descended from William Hancock killed at Berkeley Hundred in the indian raids of March 1622. Does anyone have information on Frances Farrar? She could possibly be a daughter of Perrin Farrar and grandaughter of Thomas Farrer and Katherine Perrin. However, many in the family believe she descended from Nicholas Farrar through William Farrar. Please let me hear from you if you have proof. Thanks!
282 Thu Oct 11 2007 18:07 Barbara Farrar Britton
My father was Col. William Lee Farrar of Arrington, VA. The last family history that we received was from Eva Farrar Knight of Lynchburg, VA in 1965. It is wonderful that there are descendants out there that get together.
283 Fri Nov 23 2007 17:04 Raymond Keel
My Great & Great Great grandfather were Farrar. Trying to research them.
284 Fri Nov 30 2007 00:04 dee parker
nice job. I am a farrar decendant also. will be back.
285 Sat Jan 12 2008 20:27 Gloria Morella
Grandfather, William Farrar, Many La.
Mother, Annie Mae Farrar (Dew) Deceased
Leonard Farrar, Longview, Texas
William Farrar, Jr. Many, La.
This Farrar would they being part of this Farrar History?
286 Tue Jan 22 2008 14:59 Angela Hood
I viewed this site because it was sent to me by my mother's cousin who I had asked about some information on my great-grandmother, Clarice (Farrar) Crowell. My grandmother couldn't remember a lot just that Silas Wilson Crowell came from North Carolina found Clarice in Tennessee and they moved on to Arkansas and Oklahoma.
287 Thu Jan 24 2008 11:53 Vicki Farrar
I am very excited to find this website. There are a few of us in Hocking county Ohio too. I can't wait to show my dad. It will be great to explore our history.
288 Fri Jan 25 2008 19:55 Brian Farrar
Nice site.
289 Sun Jan 27 2008 18:41 Peggy Farrar Fergson

290 Sun Jan 27 2008 18:42 Peggy Farrar Fergson

291 Sun Jan 27 2008 18:51 Peggy Farrar Fergson
I am a direct decendant of William and Cecily through William I & Mary, William III & Priscilla, George & Judith, John & Rbecca, Jefferson & Rebecca, Samuel & Minerva, Thomas Jefferson & Marth, John Samuel & Mary Ann and Robert Smith and Etta Jordan. I am a member of DAR. Would like info on how to order a copy of the Farrar Family Crest.

292 Sat Mar 1 2008 19:23 Mitzi L. Farrar Johnson
My Dad was from Tye River Va. This is where his parents raised 9 children. I live in Sarasota Fl. I have 3 sisters that are Farrar's. I have been to 3 family reunions in Lynchburg Va. Hoping to here from you soon. Mitzi Johnson
293 Sat Mar 15 2008 23:30 Tim Farrar
great site didn"t realize there is so many of us regards tim farrar new south wales Australia
294 Sun Mar 23 2008 14:22 Jack Adkins
Decendant of Farrars of VA
295 Sun Mar 23 2008 14:51 Jack Adkins
Me again. By the wife, who does genealogy, and I were discussing this site just now and I failed to mention; I am descended from William Farrar and she is descended from Cicley Reynolds(pre William). Funny how things work out. We are both from VA. Not far from Farrar's Island.
296 Mon Apr 28 2008 10:17 Tom Farrar Sr.
# 7 of the 0-10. Can't believe I missed signing this guestbook before now. My son Tom Jr. and grandson Shawn beat me to it by several years. Looking forword to the reunion this year. See you all there.
297 Sat Jun 7 2008 00:57 Cary E. Smith
Hi everyone, I've been tracing the Farrar name for a little over a year now. My Dad's Mom was Annie Denise Farrar. Here is a list of the Farrar names going straight back from my Grandmother.

Annie Denise Farrar 1902-1988
Joseph Patrick Farrar 1866-1947
William Greer Farrar Jr. 1845-1893
William Greer Farrar Sr. 1815-1843
Hillsman Farrar ____-1816
George Farrar III 1752-1819
George Farrar II 1722-1761
George Farrar I 1695-1772 husband of Judith Jefferson 1698-1786.

Your website has a lot of great information. I've really enjoyed it. A lot of familiar names I've seen pop over the last year I found in your family tree. There were a couple with the name Abel Farrar down my branch too. The Rufus Farrar in your tree always stood out to me. My Dad always called me Rufus, I have no idea why though. (-: Sorry this was so long. Take care! Cary E. Smtih b:1968 Texas.

298 Mon Jun 16 2008 01:04 Jessica Farrar
I just love to know where I come from and the past history of the farrar's
299 Tue Jun 24 2008 06:05 Jackie Duke Coppage
My mother was Virginia Grace Farrar Duke; youngest child of Lewis Tillman Farrar and Martha Tommie Fanning Farrar. We had a wonderful time at the 2008 Farrar Reunion in Arkansas!
300 Sun Jul 13 2008 10:00 Calvin F Farrar Sr
Came across this page when I was looking for the Farrar Family crest. We are originally from New England, New Hampshire, Maine, and Mass. We now reside in PA. Where can I get a good copy of the Crest. Tks

301 Fri Aug 1 2008 00:55 Diane Growdon
GREAT GRANDPARENTS: John Jackson Farrar & Mary Margaret Tennesse Reese (Tennie) GRANDPARENTS: Forrest Wheeler Farrar & Lena Newton PARENTS: Dean Forrest Farrar & Dorothy Jane Neal. I have a love story handwritten book of the Farrars & willing to share.
God Bless
302 Fri Aug 1 2008 15:38 Nicole Farrar

303 Tue Aug 19 2008 14:37 Robert B. Farrar
Hello, My southern cousins.I am a Canadian,but my Family comes fron ConstantiaN.Y. area. I have been searching family tree for 18 years off and on.I need two things 1, info on A Joseph Farrar war of 1812 and 2, a brother of Jay Farrar(my gr.grandad)who went to Kansas in 1860s but letters home ended in 1880s.
Send me info on next reunion too Thankyou
robert farrar 777 hwy 18 box13 windsor ontario canada n9j3s8
304 Tue Sep 2 2008 13:37 Rebecca Mosby Myhre
Hello, cousins!
George Farrar and Judith Jefferson are my 6th great-grandparents [through their great-great granddaughter Mary Floyd (Farrar) Mosby].

I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! You are wonderful!

We just found original family letters from Thomas Farrar and his wife, Martha Farrar, to their son, Edgar Douglas Farrar (my 3rd great-grandfather). I have a scanner and can send a copy to anyone who would be interested.
Take care, cousins!

306 Sun Sep 14 2008 19:09 Viginia Lynn Farrar Pack
descendent of the Flat Creek Farrars in Tn. Still live nearby...James H. Farrar (Jimmy), James Holt Farrar (Jim).,Thurston Farrar,John Howard Farrar,Abel Farrar, William Farrar,George Farrar, Major Farrar, Colonel W. Farrar, William Farrar, Nicholas John Farrar and William Farrar is my line.
307 Sun Oct 26 2008 08:20 Steve Folmar
I liked the web page looks like you have alot good things going on.I printed your news letter and gave a cpoy to my mom who's granad mother was a Farrar out of Troup Georgia I think thats how thats spelled.any I will be helping her look for her family link
308 Sun Oct 26 2008 08:20 Steve Folmar
I liked the web page looks like you have alot good things going on.I printed your news letter and gave a cpoy to my mom who's granad mother was a Farrar out of Troup Georgia I think thats how thats spelled.any I will be helping her look for her family link
309 Sun Nov 9 2008 20:04 Anton L. Seyfried
I am a descendant of Flemming Farrar, who died in Amherst Co., VA. He was a descendant of William Farrar and his wife, Cecily. Currently tracing Thomas, Richard , Leonard, Field, and other Farrars who migrated down to South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. Leonard went on to KY and MO; Thomas, who served as the sheriff of the Pendleton District, SC for several years, apparently moved to MS; Field died in Georgia. Doing this to clearly distinguish who was descended from whom as families criss-crossed as they moved West.
310 Wed Nov 12 2008 09:32

311 Sun Nov 30 2008 14:35 Kathleen Farrar Stewart
love to see so much info.
312 Wed Dec 31 2008 21:26 Boots Farrar
I'm sorry that you don't have my line, from William Farrar IV, his son Richard, grandson Stephen David, great grandson Thomas Jefferson Farrar (b l Mar 1793 Va), then William Thomas Farrar, Andrew Bass Farrar, William Thomas Farrar Sr, Jr and then me.

William Thomas is a popular name within my line (obviously).
313 Thu Jan 8 2009 14:21 Ken Farrar
My great-great-great grandfather, Jonathan Farrar, was born in England in 1790 and came to America with his wife and young children in 1820. His family was from Yorkshire. His wife was Mary Kilby.
314 Wed Jan 14 2009 14:49 Breck Reliford
just recently discovered ancestry that goes to Thomas Farrar that runs parallel to the Pocahontas line
315 Tue Jan 20 2009 22:47 Joye Farrar
Wow, I just googled Farrar and low and behold, what a fine group of Farrar's! I tried to trace the farrar family tree (it is my husbands side) and unfortunatly I got side-tracked into working for a living. But I was able to get some info His dad was Samuel Clemens Farrar from Hannibal MO. married to Percella Mae Onstott of Lawrence KS. I don't know where we fit in with some of you folks but I'm back at searching again. Thanks for the great website.
316 Thu Feb 5 2009 12:52 Donald R Farrar Jr
just lookin tryin to find my dad side
317 Thu Feb 19 2009 10:45 Paige Farrar Bontrager
I know nothing of my family background. This is quite interesting looking at all the information!
Thanks for all your work!
318 Wed May 20 2009 11:55 Susanne W Farrar
Descendant of Robert and Callie Cade Farrar near Macon, Mississippi
319 Wed May 20 2009 11:55 Susanne W Farrar
Descendant of Robert and Callie Cade Farrar near Macon, Mississippi
320 Tue May 26 2009 21:38 robert farrar
farrar family in joplin is very happy
321 Tue May 26 2009 22:12 Robert Allen Farrar
I am a decendent of Floyd W. Farrar, Father; Clark Wallace Farrar, Grandfather both of Hillsboro, Texas, my father went to California in about 1920. Great Website. Looking for information of the next reunion of the Farrar Clan.

322 Tue May 26 2009 22:14

323 Sat May 30 2009 10:05 DAD
Outstnding Reunion Home Page. Dedicated work. Thanks.
324 Sat Jun 13 2009 06:41 Melinda Anderson
Hello, I've just discovered your website/newsletter. How marvelous! I am descended from Capt. William Farrar through Bernard Gaines Farrar (through my mother, Anne Cornwell Anderson). I've really enjoy getting more involved with your group.

Melinda Anderson
325 Thu Jun 25 2009 23:03 Nancee Lehnhoff
Hi Randy,
We melted home from the reunion, but had a great time even in the heat! My sister Patty is well on her way to becoming a member of the DAR with all your help, just wanted to thank you. I also looked up Hontas Hines email.
326 Mon Jul 6 2009 18:20 Kimberly M Farrar

327 Sat Jul 18 2009 14:26 Joseph V. Farrar, Jr.
You are truly a dedicated Farrar Family Reunion Home Page editor, Randy. The many positive comments attest to this. Our Reunion is deeply endebted to your every effort. Your Dad is so very proud of you.
328 Wed Jul 29 2009 13:07 Lucy Simister
Hi my Mother was Edith Farrar she was born in Goldthrope Yorkshire in 1929. I am writing a book on Charles Babbage, one of his predecessors Joanna Babbage marries John Farrar who was born 1611 in Halifax.
329 Sun Sep 13 2009 15:41 Richard Brown
My 5th Great Grandmother was Jean Farrar. I find it interesting to trace the family tree and your site is most helpful. Thanks.
330 Fri Sep 25 2009 15:07 Fiona Villate
Hi; I just found out I have a link to the Farrar family through my mother's family. Catherine Farrar married Ralph Jopling around 1750 and had I think 16 children. I got the connection through one great
331 Sat Oct 10 2009 08:56 lisa farrar
i hope all farrar's last forever and meet up together some day in the future
332 Fri Oct 16 2009 16:50 Jesse Farrar

333 Fri Oct 23 2009 13:06 jennifer fleming-balser
Hi, I found this book of my fathers, Samuel Hale Sibley Fleming, called "Some Farrar's Island Descendants." He was listed as 118 along with my two oldest siblings. I guess the book was published before my brother and I were born. Of course I was tickled to see that some of the stories my grandmother, Sarah Virgina Sibley told me about being related to certain people was not due to age, but her accumulated knowledge of our family history. I would love to help complete my families growth since the book was published I have become very interested in our genealogy.

Thank you,
Jennifer West Fleming-Balser
334 Mon Nov 2 2009 13:43 Warwick Farrar
I was amazed to see a Farrar website so I had to leave a message on your guestbook. My father (Cyril)immigrated to New Zealand from England. My wife and I live in Southern Spain. I have trying to piece my Family tree together, so I have just started an incredible journey.
335 Sun Nov 8 2009 15:15 Nancee Lehnhoff
Randy, just wish to let everyone interested know that the Oct. 2009 Farrar Family Newsletter has been published if interested in a copy email me.
336 Wed Nov 25 2009 16:56 Sylvia FARRER Bornarth
I would be happy to hear from you. I have been researching the FARRER family for many years. I am part of the Burnley, Lancashire line with common ancestor John Farrer b. 1764. I'be trying to find his parents but not much luck. Thanks. Sylvia
337 Fri Nov 27 2009 11:59 V. L. (Mony) Farrar
Thanks for the info you put together, very GOOD! Mony
338 Fri Nov 27 2009 21:11 leonard farrar
farrar's in louisiana
339 Sat Jan 9 2010 15:08 Andrew McKinlay Farrar
Just found your website - it sounds as if you all have fun!
No idea if there is any link - but I have a family tree, going back to Joseph Farrar (1175-1836) from Elland, Yorkshire.
340 Tue Jan 26 2010 19:56 gene Lamont
I have reearched Farris-Farrar, Burney, Campbell lines for 30 + years. My connection is Margaret Elizabeth Farris ,b.1825 in Ten.:daughter of john Farrar and Marry Freeman.(this could be a 2nd wife)I would like to make the connection to Richard Farrar,b.1748,Farrars Is.Va.I need children and dates of Richard and his son John??
Margaret Elizzbith Farris married Carson Porter Burney and took their family to Californis abt.1858, to look for gold. They settled in Sierra Valley,Plumas co., ca
341 Wed Feb 3 2010 00:58 Robert Winston Farrar
Farrar's in Dallas, Texas and Lousiana.
I remember having a medium sized family reunion(30-40 people) about 10 years ago(maybe longer). This was somewhere in Louisiana I dont remember where.
342 Fri Feb 5 2010 09:31 Morag Farrar
Hi my husband Ian is a farrar we live in Llanharan in wales with our 4 children and 3 grand children the rest of our family is in london, northampton and skegness.
343 Mon Apr 12 2010 17:23 Serenity L. Spitzer
I'm the Great Great Grand daughter of Delia Oma Josephine Farrar Bailey(daughter to Nathaniel James Farrar and Grand daughter to John William Farrar). Started researching a little family genealogy as a hobby and I must say the Farrar side is very interesting. I found another cite, not sure if you'd seen it,

If you have any additional information to pass on please feel free, thanks!
344 Wed Apr 21 2010 07:08 TREVOR FARRAR
345 Wed Apr 21 2010 07:10 TREVOR FARRAR
346 Sat Apr 24 2010 15:48 Matthew Farrar
We are desendants of the Chambera county Alabama Farrar,s.We now live in western WISCONSIN and are interested in attending a family reunion. Please foward information to the email address included.
347 Mon Apr 26 2010 20:21 Albert E. Farrar Jr.
I was just looking to find another Farrar who may have the exact same last name as mine.
I found alot of interesting information, but no one with my name yet.
Where is Farrar Island and the next re union? I might like to attend. Thanks. Al
348 Mon Apr 26 2010 23:49 Francine Farrar
My dad just sent me this link. This is very cool. Actually my brother, Marc Farrar, has a very extensive family tree already in place. For more information, please contact me at


Puyallup, Washington
349 Thu May 13 2010 18:57 Vickie Thompson Farrar
Randy, Just stopped by to say, HELLO! from Arkansas. Our family was at the reunion the year the wall around the picnic area was built. My husband, Vernon Farrar, was the one in charge. Our 2 girls were small then. They both are married and have families of their own now. We would love to attend again. We are nearing retirement and will take-off and go more often.
Hope to see all of you, again sometime! Vickie and Vernon, Your cousins from NW Arkansas
350 Thu May 13 2010 20:26

351 Sun May 16 2010 23:28 Heather Ishida
Descendant of William Farrar and Amy Whitworth (aka Oliver)
352 Fri May 21 2010 14:19 Diane Hall
It was a pleasant surprise to come across your website. I am a descendant of Captain William Farrar and Cicely Reynolds of Farrar's Island through their daughter Cicely who married Henry Sherman, Sr.
353 Sat Jun 26 2010 15:17 Lara Marie Farrar
Thanks so much for developing this site.
354 Thu Jul 1 2010 13:29 Shawn errol Farrar II
this is very interesting i will ensure i come check it out soon
355 Sun Jul 4 2010 18:15 Linda Smith
Hello. I am descended from George Farrar and Judith Jefferson's daughter Mary Farrar, who married Thomas Moore.
356 Tue Aug 10 2010 00:39 colleen farrar
Hello..i have been looking for farrars for awhile. i live in montana but am from virginia, my father and siblings are the only farrar's i know..kinda looking for family history
357 Thu Sep 2 2010 20:23 Kristi Kai Keener Lamb
My grandfather was Leslie Jay Farrar DOB 10/22/21. From Arkansas. My mom is living. Martha Sue Farrar.
358 Mon Sep 20 2010 19:23 Jan Davenport
I am descended from Thomas Farrar & Katherine Perrin if you are interested in my research I would be pleased to share. I have just returned from a ten day trip to Virginia Where I spent most of my time in the Library of Virginia
359 Tue Sep 21 2010 12:40 Peggy Farrar Ferguson topegs@sbcg;
I have just finished reading Connie Lapallo's book "Dark Enough to see the Stars in a Jamestown
Sky" and found it to be an amazing and awesome
tribute to our forefathers, especially the women. Am looking forward to the sequel.
360 Sun Sep 26 2010 13:12 O'Shaughnessey Von Behren
Hi, I am trying to contact Lavin F. Farrar son of Dollie Rushing. My grandfather, Glen Rushing is his cousin and would like to contact him. If you could contact me or give me any contact information that would be greatly appreciated.
361 Mon Oct 11 2010 01:31 Maytha D. Reather
I am a Farrar cousin. My grandfather was J.L. (Lowe) Farrar of Cameron, Oklahoma. His family moved to Oklahoma from Gun Town, Mississippi in the late 1800s.
362 Fri Oct 15 2010 12:40 Leo J Ferrar Jr
I know that the Farrar and Ferrar are the same famaly but jest wondered why the spelling was changed
363 Fri Oct 22 2010 12:07 shawn errol farrar II
i would like to know how it is that we are related im trying to build my family tree my cell is 410 900 2957
364 Sat Dec 18 2010 21:23 Debbie Farrar Peters
I am working on my family tree on and my gggrandfather was Benjamin N. Farrar, ggrandfather is Alfred Gaines Farrar, grandfather Pridgen Farrar. If you happen to have any information on this family that you would like to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
365 Sun Dec 19 2010 23:02 Henry Floyd Hilliard III
I was researching my roots and found your website very helpful and informative. I am a desendant of the family through Judith Farrar, her daughter Sarah Bowdon married Thomas Hilliard whos great, great, great, great grandfather john Hilliard landed in York County, Va in March of 1634. Thanks again for the website.
366 Mon Jan 3 2011 21:45 Mava White Eagle
My family is descended from Mary Farrar, daughter of George Farrar and Judith Jefferson. I am very interested in your Farrar family reunion coming up this June 2011. Please include me on your mailing list if possible. Thank you very much.
367 Fri Jan 21 2011 17:21 Dalton L. Bowers
My Grandmother was a Farrar from Thaxton Mississippi.She came to Texas.Her fsther was Jesse Warren.her motherMississippi Permetia Farrar Warren
369 Tue Feb 15 2011 17:07 X Teri
While I am not a descendant of the specific family mentioned, I am from a branch. I'm the great great great great great great great grandson of a Farrar. :)
370 Wed Mar 16 2011 16:33 martin taylor
Just found your website what a brilliant find, after following our line back to William Farrah.
We live in lincolnshire England and traced the line over to America and back.

Martin and Hayley
371 Sun Mar 20 2011 22:12 James R. Allen

372 Sun Mar 20 2011 22:12 James R. Allen

373 Sun Mar 20 2011 22:17 James R. Allen
I am a direct descendant of Sandford Gary Allen who was married to his cousin Nancy Allen.Nancy's parents were Vincent Allen & Mary Bowdoin.Mary Bowdoin's parents were John Bowdoin & Judith Farrar.

Look forward to investigating Farrar family history further.

Regards , Jim Allen
p.s. I live in San Francisco Bay Area
374 Sat Apr 2 2011 11:34 Charles M. Farrar
Born in Ct.,both parents from Va.lots of Farrar's in New England!
375 Fri Apr 15 2011 15:03 Susan Jeter Bradley
I am a direct descendant of George Farrar and Judith Jefferson Farrar. I just found your site and I'm thrilled!! Thank you for doing all of this - Susan
376 Tue Apr 26 2011 14:54 MIchelle Myers
I am a decent of William Farrar. My mother is a Farrar.
377 Tue May 3 2011 09:30 Benjamin Christopher Farrar
Does the Farrar family rely have reunions? (If so I've never been told about it...)
378 Sat May 7 2011 22:46

379 Sun May 22 2011 16:09 Rebecca Larsen Nocchi
looking for descendents of Reuben Farrar of Missouri. Reuben was the son of Richard and Lydia Harrison Farrar. Reuben had seven children: Samuel R., Daniel C., Wesley J., Zipporah Farrar Lingsweiler, Clara Siegel Farrar Wilson, Benjamin B., and James M.
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380 Sat May 28 2011 02:45 Kerry Farrar-Foster
I am researching our family tree and am excited to find this site. My father doesn't know very much about his ancestors as his father was orphaned at a young age in Ray City, Missouri. Hoping someone can fill in the blanks. I started with my Dad, Herbert Saxby Farrar, Jr born 1937 in Wisconsin - His Dad, Herbert Saxby Farrar, Sr. born 1910 in Richmond, MO Died 1984 Bell Gardens, CA - His Dad William Grant Farrar born 1866 in Jefferson County, TN Died 1914 Ray City, MO. That's as far back as I can verify although I think William Grant Farrar may have been named after his father and his grandfather. Is anyone familiar with this Farrar line?